Options Group is a global executive search firm with 15+ offices worldwide and over 200 employees.

The Bangkok Offices

Options Group’s expansion into Thailand is a significant step in our ongoing commitment to expanding our reach in the Asia-Pacific region. Thailand is a key market with a vibrant economy and a thriving business community, making it a natural choice for our next office location.

This new office will allow us to better serve our existing clients in the region and expand our reach to new clients in the Retails and Consumer Goods, as well.

Exceptional results

With Arran Aujla leading the charge as Executive Director, Head SEA & Global Head of Retail and Consumer Goods, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients in Thailand and across the region.

New Office

The new office in Thailand is just the latest in a series of investments that Options Group is making to enhance our capabilities and strengthen our presence in the Asia-Pacific region in Manufacturing Sector. With the addition of this new office, we are well-positioned to help our clients navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape and succeed in an increasingly competitive global market.

Talented professionals

We are thrilled to be making this announcement and look forward to working with the talented professionals in Thailand to help our clients achieve their business goals and build the best teams possible.